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Corporate Membership

Our Corporate Memberships are purchased by a company and the company then designates a nominee to play on the share.  The nominee is considered the Primary member and has all the same privileges as a personal shareholder.  Each share is designated with one Primary Member.  This Primary Member can then also have their spouse and/or children playing on that share paying the yearly dues associated with these categories.  The share is owned by the company and not the Primary Member.

If the company decides to change nominees at any time, an activation fee will be charged to switch nominees.  The activation fee will be based on the last share that sold.  If the company has decided not to assign another nominee but would prefer to sell the share, the share will be listed with the club and once the share has sold the equity portion of the share will be paid directly to the company.  Because our shares are equity shares, one of the advantages is the ability to net back the purchase price once you decide to sell the share. 

Some of the privileges assigned to the nominee will be:

  • Unlimited Golf
  • Full use of the Driving Range
  • Ability to bring guests out for golf.  A Primary Member may bring a maximum of three guests at a time out to golf.  These guests would pay the associated greens fees
  • Participate in all club tournaments
  • Participate in the ?Bring your Guests to Golf Days?.  These Golf Days will be open to the Primary Member and as many guests as he/she would like to bring with them (i.e. more than the usual maximum of 3 guests at a time).  These Golf Days are usually held on a non-holiday Monday and are usually offered two-three dates per season.  Guests pay the associated fees for these
  • No monthly minimums in either the food & beverage departments or the Proshop
  • Access to all Food & Beverage Dining and Member Events.  Guests are permitted to dine and attend events, accompanied by the Member
  • Private or Semi-Private Golf Lessons with our Professional Staff (paying the associated fees)
  • Use of the banquet space for meetings or events