Emerging Artists Event


Pinebrook's Art & Heritage Advisory Group is pleased to announce its 1st Annual Emerging Artists Event, which will be held at Pinebrook Golf and Country Club on Monday, September 24th, from 5:30 - 7:30 pm.

Pinebrook is a private golf course with a long standing tradition stretching back over 40 years. Our Art & Heritage Advisory Group was established three years ago to collect and celebrate two dimensional and three dimensional visual art at the Club. As part of its art programming mandate, it has created an opportunity for Calgary artists who are just being recognized for their work, but not represented through a gallery, to showcase their artwork for sale to our Club members and their guests.

Please join us for a wonderful evening of art! Click here to view the flyer.

The following artists are confirmed to appear at our Emerging Artists Event.

NOTE: If you are an artist interested in participating in the event, please download and submit this Registration Form.



Michelle Austen

Michelle is a full-time Calgary artist. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Michelle has called Calgary home since 1979. For over 30 years Michelle has attended numerous formal art classes, workshops and residencies in the pursuit of her highly successful career.

Her focus is on creating artwork that reflects her inner self…an untiring passion to produce colourful and exciting expressions in oil and acrylic that play on our emotions! It’s this artistic inspiration and enthusiasm that led to Michelle being invited by the Calgary School Board to participate in their Artist-in-Residence program to teach art to hundreds of elementary students each year. Additionally, dozens of Calgary youth and adults benefit each year from her private art instruction classes in her home studio.

Michelle shows her artwork in Lineham House Galleries, Leighton Art Centre, and is featured annually in the Ranchmen’s Club Emerging Artist Event and the Calgary Stampede Western Showcase and Art Auction. Her artwork is owned by numerous companies and private collectors. 

For additional information about Michelle and her artwork visit her website at


Deanna Beaujot

Deanna attended the National Academy of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has taken courses at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary and Red Deer College, AB.

Everyday interactions and traveling opportunities call the attention of her inner world, expressing these moments in a personal way using watercolour and acrylic media.

Presently being fully immersed in studio time in Calgary and exhibiting, marks a new chapter, making it an exciting and fulfilling time in her life.

Her paintings capture interactions between people; florals and still life are treated like portraits, engaging the viewer to partake in that moment.


Zelda Bird

Zelda first discovered the art of creating in precious metals in 2005 through the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and has not looked back since.  At the end of her second year she was offered a fulltime position as a metalsmith where she further refined her talents designing and constructing jewellery for a local jewellery manufacturing studio in Fredericton, NB.  In 2011 she desired to focus her attention on custom one of a kind works of wearable art and so Butterfly Effect Studio was established.  Zelda’s Studio is situated at her home in Redwood Meadows, Alberta.


Barboria Bjarne

I have been artistic all my life although I used other avenues of artistic expression such as interior design, house design and photography.

Wanting to have a portrait drawing of my then seven-year-old daughter Barbori, I decided to take a drawing class for beginners, determined to do the portrait myself. Through hard work and perseverance, before my daughter turned nine, I accomplished what I set out to do. After more than three years of work, I completed her portrait drawn in pencil.

I went on to other portraits, then landscapes in pencil and watercolour, and some graphic art pieces.

I like to paint loose watercolours, detailed portraits, abstracts, or graphic designs. In my paintings I aspire to create a mood by mixing cheerful colours and applying them in a gentle, delicate technique for a light–filled effect.


Billie Rae Busby

Billie Rae is a contemporary visual artist who creates abstract landscape paintings of the Canadian prairies. She uses a precise hard-edge technique to reinvent her surroundings through mood, light and movement. She strives to interpret ordinary places in a fresh, new context.

Raised and educated in Saskatchewan and living in Calgary, Billie Rae is inspired by both the complexity of urban architecture and the vast rural landscape.

In 2014, she was awarded a prestigious commission with Foreign Affairs Canada to have her designs incorporated into custom carpets at Canada House in London, England. In 2016, she was named one of 20 “Compelling Calgarians” by the Calgary Herald.


David Cadman

I paint anything that inspires me. My art expresses movement and mood using both planned and spontaneous use of colour and space. My chosen mediums are acrylic and water colour. I like to use patterns, contrasting colours and values together with a diagonal format that includes layered applications and numerous staining glazes.

David graduated from The Alberta College of Art & Design. He is a member of The Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour, The Alberta Society of Artists, Calgary Artists Society, The Riverview Artists and The Calgary Contemporary Arts Society.


Don Campbell

Don began his photography career at a new television station, CHBC in the Okanagan Valley, just a month after it began broadcasting.  He also learned there how to shoot news film, and abandoned his photography after university to become a filmmaker.  While at UBC he won a major competition in 2 consecutive years for best black and white images.

He recently switched from film to digital photography, becoming accredited by the Professional Photographers of Canada in Travel Photography.  He is also recognized by Master Photographers International.  He has visited to date over 100 countries.

Don's images have been sold to National Geographic, and have been displayed internationally.  He sells large prints from his website, from Instagram, and presents at personal galleries, such as this one.


Barbori Garnet

Through trying many activities, I discovered that I really enjoyed art and music. Encouraged by my mom’s example, I always had fun experimenting with painting and mixing colors. I also had great times playing in orchestras and in music duets at recitals.  Once I realized this, I could then see myself pursuing either art or music as a career after I had graduated from high school in 2008.

I graduated in 2012 with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from San Francisco’s Academy of Art University. In 2016, I graduated with Master of Arts degree from Southern New Hampshire University.


Heather Dawn Kemp

In a world saturated with division, destruction and breakdown, Heather pours her energy into creating pieces of art which she hopes will inspire healing, unity, compassion, love and beauty.  

She often incorporates layers of materials, symbolism and interpretations, physical and ethereal.  Heather has spent several years learning about the mind, heart coherence, and healthy living.

Heather’s intention is to express more than just a physical reality in her work; her desire is to uplift others, add joy to their lives, speak about states of being, energy, spirituality, dreams, visions, and feelings.


Aroona Khiani

Aroona Khiani is an emerging artist currently in the Honours Bachelor of Animation program at the renowned Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. 

She enjoys working with acrylic and water colour as well as a variety of other mediums such as digital platforms. A majority of her works represents still life and she is experimenting with color and lighting. Aroona enjoys working with the likeness of people for portraits. She is excited to finally take a step and contribute to Calgary’s artistic community.


Kathy Lycka

My addiction to texture and colour has resulted in works with a surface quality full of movement and light. I am enchanted by Louis Comfort Tiffany’s stained glass pieces and this has been a huge influence in my current series of artwork.

I’ve always been amazed by the beauty found in nature - the assortment of gradients, diversity of colours and the simple shift in tones depending on where the sun is in the sky. I’ve drawn from this charm as the subject matter for my current series of work. These paintings are my emotional and visual tribute to the brilliance, power, and intensity of Mother Earth. 

I received my formal training from the Alberta College of Art and Design. Graduating in 2001 with a Bachelor of Design majoring in Visual Communications with a focus on illustration. For over 10 years I worked as a Graphic Designer for a variety of national and international corporations in Canada and England.

It wasn’t until a car accident in 2008 left me with serious neck and back injuries that I started painting and creating jewelry on a regular basis again as part of my rehabilitation. This experience forced me to slow down and re-evaluate my life purpose. I now work full-time as an artist out of my home-based studio in Calgary. 


Marjorie Mae

Marjorie Mae is an emerging artist based in Calgary, AB. She has been developing her passion for painting over the last 7 years and has been an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists since 2016. A love of colour and the freedom to create loose interpretations of the beauty around her are easily seen in her work. Marjorie has been heard to exclaim, “This is where I feel most alive!” as a new painting takes shape! Her subject matter is often flowers, but she also loves to paint whatever piece of beauty she is currently enjoying.


Marie Manon

Marie-Manon is a visual artist, specializing in impressionistic, abstract and contemporary composition. Born in Montreal, Quebec, Manon had a career in finance, even though her father, recognizing her talent, always encouraged her to become an artist. Since retiring, she now has time to focus full-time doing just that. Manon feels that it is like a rebirth. It feeds her soul. The canvases provide an outlet for her emotions, imagination and creativity.

Boldly embracing her new profession, she studied for several years at the Calgary School of Art. She took part in workshops with Jean Pederson and Mario Robinson and is continuing her education with workshops, private instruction and group art classes in Calgary. She has participated in numerous art exhibitions in and around Calgary and her work has been sold to many private collectors and is presented in a variety of commercial and professional contexts.

Her paintings are created through spontaneous and intuitive responses, while being engaged in her work. Her style is mixed media, incorporating shapes and bold or sometimes soft colors in layers. Each canvas is emotionally charged, which is demonstrated through the brush and finger strokes and other elements. What emerges is a very emotional and personal visual display.


Parin Meghani

Creating a piece of art evokes spirituality in me and gives me immense pleasure.  Whenever I apply paint strokes to the canvas, it does not matter how good or bad it turns out to be, it is still me – my painting reflect the mood I am in.  If the end result does not satisfy me, so be it.  I’ll try again.  To me, art is subjective.  I paint what I want to see and what I feel and by doing so, hopefully excite my viewers. 

Art is my passion that I want to share with others.  I am continuously experimenting with new techniques and compositions and upgrading myself by attending professional classes and mentoring with other artists.


Darcy Presiloski

Darcy was born in Alberta and spent her early childhood on a farm west of Granum, in southern Alberta.

Her primary focus is western art, depicting today’s cowboy life. She finds inspiration at brandings, cattle drives, rodeos and sometimes in a field at the side of the road. Darcy sees the animals, everyday cowboy activities and gear as unique and she sees a story in every image.

Wildlife is a recent painting interest and these images add to the western art theme of her work.

Darcy loves to depict people and animals but horses are her favourite subject. She works in oils, pastels, graphite and charcoal. She lives in Calgary.


Andrea Slack

Born and raised in Japan to Canadian parents and now living in Calgary, Canada, Andrea’s life was enriched as a third culture kid. The Japan Sea was her back yard, so to speak, and to this day Andrea has a deep attachment to the ocean which has influenced her art today. Living close to the Rockies now, nature inspires her as she paints landscapes, florals, seascapes and wildlife.

Always growing and learning, acrylics have been her mainstay but she is expanding into oils and loves the richness and depth achieved in her paintings. As a stark contrast bright and colourful mixed media pieces give way to fun, pops of colour and playfulness.

Andrea’s work has been well received across Western and Eastern Canada, as well as the United States. Currently her work is showing at The Painted Moose Artist Collective in Bragg Creek.


Patricia Wodynski

Pat has found great enjoyment when creating paintings that reflect her interpretation of those special people and places in her life. Painting water scenes has become her passion. Light reflecting on quiet rivers, canoes and sailboats racing or docked, children enjoying the beach – she has returned to these time and again. She paints primarily using oil and occasionally does mixed media work. Pat has been a featured artist for the Homes for the Holidays Tour sponsored by the Kids Help Line. She was a contributor to Colouring Peace in Calgary – recently designed to be given to Syrian refugees arriving in this city. Her work has been shown at the Apega Awards event and hangs in offices and private collections.


Tiffany Wollman

Tiffany Wollman's art is ethereal and dreamlike. Her oil paintings are a beautiful escape into a landscape of water, nature, and sunlight, often incorporating the figure into the scene. While offering a passage from reality, she is providing moments for the viewer to connect with themselves and to remember their connection to Nature. Her paper mache, fibre, or steel sculptures and interactive installations are more humorous than her paintings; inspiring imagination and childlike wonder. Wollman draws inspiration from the colors, textures, and moments in life, nature, daydreams, borrowed imagery, and the beauty and mystery of water. All to take the audience somewhere else, somewhere within themselves.

Tiffany Wollman graduated from the Alberta College of Art & Design with distinction in 2013. She has had the opportunity and privilege to show at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (Toronto), Contemporary Calgary, and the City of Calgary’s 2016 New Year’s Eve Celebrations. Wollman’s work can be seen in Corporate Collections around Calgary, such as in the Petroleum Club’s Legacy Collection, Blink Restaurant, and the Alberta College of Art and Design. This November she will be painting snowy Canadian Winter Scenes and Landscapes at an artist residency at cSpace, courtesy of the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation.