Dress Code & Other Policies


In order to ensure that our members and their guests have an enjoyable experience while at Pinebrook, please familiarize yourself with some of our Club's policies and guidelines:


Dress Code

1.    The Members require that all persons using the Club premises be appropriately dressed. Therefore, Members and guests are required to honour this policy, which may see changes from time to time. Our Directors have asked the Pro Shop staff and clubhouse Management to politely enforce the following dress code:

1a.  Golf Course

 a)  Jeans are not permitted on the course or practice facilities.

 b)  We consider golf sportswear to be minimum attire. This includes:

Therefore, we do not permit on our premises: Short shorts, halters, collarless tee shirts, sweatpants, track suits, workout wear, hoodies, clothing that exposes the midsection flesh, logos that could be considered offensive, backwards headgear, denim (except described below), cut offs or any attire of a similar nature.

1b.  Clubhouse

Dress requirements will be the same as for the golf course with the following exceptions:

a)  Garden Terrace: golf attire as described above, dress jeans or proper cocktail/evening dining attire is acceptable.

b)  Locker Room, Lounge, Patio and Main Dining Functions, Golf Shop and Parking Areas: Denim (Jeans) clothing is permitted. Denim clothing must be ‘business casual’ and/or ‘dress jeans’. Denim clothing must be in in good repair and without any rips or tears, frayed ends or holes and not be overly faded, tattered or dirty, and must fit appropriately. Acceptable denim does not include overalls, painter pants or those that are extremely low cut.

c)  Wearing of denim may be restricted at special dining events and this will be communicated to the Members in advance of such events.

d)  Men’s dress shirts that have a tailored hem and are designed to be untucked may be worn un-tucked.

e)  Hats are not permitted to be worn in the Clubhouse.

2. During the 10 days of Stampede, the dress code will be relaxed to permit the wearing of Western wear and denim in all of the Food and Beverage areas.


Cell Phone Usage

1.   Members are permitted to carry their cell phones while at the Club. However, the following rules apply to Members and guests:

a)  Cell phones must either be turned off or be in silent/vibrate mode in all areas.

b)  Talking on cell phones is restricted to the parking lot, halfway house and places within the clubhouse that do not disturb other members.

c)  An effort should be made to move to a quiet location before talking on a cell phone.


Smoking Policy

1.   Pinebrook is a non-smoking facility.  Smoking (including the use of electronic cigarettes) is not permitted within any buildings or patios. Smoking areas and cigarette butt receptacles are located 6 meters outside all entrances.
2.   On course smoking is discouraged. Smoking refuse should be removed once fully extinguished and not left on the grounds.


Cannabis/Marijuana Policy

1.   The sale or consumption of cannabis either by edibles or smoking on Pinebrook property is not permitted.

Lightning Policy
Lightning is a severe safety hazard.

1.   Players will be warned of lightning in the area by our Thor Guard prediction system which sounds one prolonged blast of the horn signalling suspension of play. All players should leave their respective holes and either return to the Clubhouse or proceed to an approved shelter immediately. All small buildings on the course are protected with newly installed lightning rods.
2.   When the horn sounds to suspend play, the first and tenth tees are closed immediately until the all clear signal is given, as indicated by three blasts. Play on the golf course is suspended as well, and if the players choose to continue, they will be doing so at their own risk and against the advice of the Club. Consequently, they are considered out of order, and the players going back out after the all clear signal shall get the right to their original position on the golf course at the time of play suspension.
To repeat, three short blasts (5 seconds) of the horns will indicate it is safe to resume your position on the golf course.


Responsible Alcohol Service

Pinebrook, through its liquor license for the sale and service of spirits, beer and wine, is subject to the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Act, and the Regulations thereunder as defined by the Alberta Liquor Board. We are committed to the full adherence of all liquor laws, and our staff are trained to comply with these laws and regulations. No alcohol may be consumed on Pinebrook premises that isn’t purchased and or served by Pinebrook staff.