Pinebrook Golf & Country Club is recognized as one of Calgary's premier private golf courses. 

In fact, Pinebrook endeavors to be the "best Members golf club in Calgary"! Renowned for its friendliness, Pinebrook has created a "feel at home" atmosphere for its Members and their guests from their first visit onwards. Our energetic Golf Shop, Clubhouse, and Grounds staff all strive to give the club a 'family' atmosphere.

We invite you to BELONG HERE!  Click here to view our membership package.

The following is a brief overview of some of our 2018 Membership Opportunities, and we encourage you to contact our Membership Coordinator for more information.



Pinebrook has a new affordable program to help attract younger demographic to the club! This membership will be open to applicants between the ages of 18 & 37 years. Affiliate Intermediate Members will have the same playing privileges as our existing Intermediate Members. The cost of the dues will be $500 more than our Senior Intermediates, and this $500 will be set aside and accrued every year that the individual is a member at Pinebrook, so that the accrued money can be used towards an activation fee should they decide to purchase a share in the future. The accrued dues premiums are non-refundable and are only available when an equity share is purchased. These programs have been very successful at many other private clubs in Canada on attracting young, future shareholders, which is critical to the long term viability of the club.

*Limited number of spots available!*


Are you interested in joining Pinebrook but aren’t sure if you’re ready to become a full equity member? If so, please note that Pinebrook offers a One Year Trial Annual Membership to people who have never been a member at Pinebrook but would like to try out the club before making an equity commitment. Trial Annual Members have the same playing privileges as a full equity member, and they may also sign up their family members to play by paying the associated dues.

*Limited number of spots available!*


Our Social Membership is available to non-golfers who would simply like to come out and enjoy the use of the club’s various dining facilities. Social Members may bring guests, provided the Social Member is present, and they can also attend any non-golf events, such as our live music evenings, wine nights, special occasion brunches and dinners, all of our Christmas events, and any other non-golfing occasions that we organize for members.


Pinebrook has a limited number of equity shares for sale. If you are looking at becoming a member of a golf course, now is the ideal time to purchase a Pinebrook equity share. We all know that Pinebrook is THE place TO BELONG!


For more information on any of our membership opportunities, please contact:

Tuesday Poole
Membership & Events Coordinator 
P. 403.246.3311 Ext. 213